Ady Endre

Ady Endre village, formerly known as Mecenţiu is 6 km from the municipality center. It was first mentioned by a 1320 document. Its biggest owners were two local families, the Mindszenthys and the Gencsis. The village is best known as birthplace of poet Endre Ady (1877-1919), one of the most important representatives of XXth century Hungarian literature. The settlement is a place to honor his memory and therefore an important cultural tourist site of Satu Mare. A memorial house, built in 1900 and the poet's birth house are both museums today. In 1977 the village changed its name from Mecenţiu to Ady Endre. The village has three churches, an Orthodox one, built in 1901 and dedicated to Saint Michael and Gabriel Archangels, a Roman Catholic one dating from 1954 and a Calvinist one from 1811-1813.

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