Hotoan is 4 km west from the municipality center. It was certified in 1213 for the first time. Starting from the XVth century it was owned by the Hatvani family. Later, the Károlyis became one of the village's owners.

This is the birth village of poet Valentin Strava, known also due to his activity as editor of Dacia, Curentul Literar, Gazeta Literară magazines. He was the best-known translator of Ady's work into Romanian. Vasile Pătcaşiu, priest and militant for Satu Mare Romanians' rights was active in Hotoan.

The Calvinist church was built between the two World Wars. Up to the XXth century the worshippers' number decreased continually and is currently less than 10. In 1988 the church was broken into and its furniture destroyed. Renovation works were done in 1998 with the Santău Calvinist worshippers' help.

Saint Michael and Gabriel Archangels Orthodox church was built in 1800.

The village is also famous for the discovery of two treasures on its outskirts containing XVI-XVIIIth century coins.

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