On the road between Szabolcs and Carei, halting at Kállósemjén, Kállay castle is worth visiting. Kállays initially had two castles in the village, but one of them works today as a grain warehouse. Kállay former Castle was surrounded by a beautiful park. It was built sometime around the year 1767, the Gheorghe Kállay after Giuseppe or Salvatore Aprilis's plans. The early core of the castle are the six central rooms, with the entrance hall decorated with spirals and tympanum. On the gable is located the Kállay family coat of arms. In 1920, the castle building underwent significant changes, being extended on both sides. Here lived Kállay Miklós, the Hungarian prime minister, whose urn was brought into the country in 1993 from New York and placed in the baroque chapel built in the second half of the eighteenth century by the lime alley of the castle.

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